Consulting Service

The SCARD Consulting Service (SCS) provides guidance and resources to both evaluate and optimize the essential functions of academic radiology departments.

To be the undisputed premier consultants for Academic Radiology Department Chairs; developing and possessing indispensable tools and resources for the Chairs’ use, while collecting and sharing best practices.

The SCARD Consulting Service (SCS) offers a team of experts that partner with individual academic radiology programs before, during, and after an onsite review to enhance the essential functions of the program in an effort to collectively improve performance through the sharing of experiences and tools.

SCS is led by a core group of chairs and administrators who have strong reputations in both conducting radiology department reviews and running their own successful radiology programs. This level of expertise helps ensure that SCS can match the needs of every program asking for a review.

The SCS has developed an approach to standardizing processes and procedures so each review meets a consistent level of quality and has also developed tools radiology departments can use to be more effective and efficient.

We invite your participation in the SCS as consumers and as participants; the ultimate success of SCS in contributing to an increased collective caliber and quality of academic radiology hinges on the broadest possible engagement, and the ensuing constructive partnerships.

To date, SCS has completed more than 10 program reviews. Please let us know if you are interested in having your department reviewed through an SCS engagement in the next 24 months or if you are interested in becoming a reviewer.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jocelyn Chertoff through the SCARD office, [email protected].